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This delectible recipe comes to us courtesy of our friend Hien Tran, of Hien's Kitchen. You can read more about this talented chef below.

These are so delicious, we don't want to keep you waiting. They really need no intro. They simply need to be made again, so follow along with Ms. Tran on how to make these:

Inspiration: My best friend wanted to make ice cream from fresh local Texas peaches. So we went all out with marmalade and candied peaches to my hearts delight!

Challenge: We wanted texture and peach perfect timing. These are meant to eat quickly and with ice cream, we had to work even faster. Our numb fingers were worth it, yo.

Highlight: This was so beautiful to execute especially with the candied peaches on top. My favourite was showing how easy it was to make a vanilla ice cream but present it in a new classy way, almost meant for royalty, like back in the days. 

Pâte à Choux (Puff Pastry) Ingredients:

- 75 grams filtered water
- 75 grams mill-king organic fat milk
- 3 grams granulated sugar
- 3 grams salt
- 65 grams butter
- 80 grams organic whole wheat flour
- 150 grams whole eggs

Making the Puff Pastry

Cook the ingredients in a small pot until a big ball forms. Transfer to kitchen mixer and whip until cool. Pipe into long rounds onto buttered plaque. Use eggwash for topping before baking. Bake at 450F for 6 mins and then 350F for 12 mins. 

Glace du Vanille (Vanilla Ice Cream) Ingredients:

- 250 grams mill-king organic fat milk
- 150 grams granulated sugar
- 500 ml mill-king heavy cream
- salt to taste
- 1 whole madagascar vanilla bean
- 6 large eggs 

Making the Ice Cream

Make a crème anglaise (custard). Chinois and ice bath. Important to chill overnight. Churn in kitchenaid mixer. 
Making homemade vanilla ice cream

Peach Marmalade Ingredients:

- 350 grams of peeled peaches
- 100 grams of granulated sugar

Making The Marmalade

Cook in sauce pan until boiling and sugar is jam consistency. Blend until smooth. Cool in jar and refrigerate. Place in small piping bag until ready. 
**Note: you can offset the sweetness with lemons and lower the sugar. I always recommend sugar to keep consistency so add lemon juice. 

Needed For Candied Peaches:

- 1 whole peach (diced in squares and peeled)
- 50/50 simple syrup to cool until translucent
- fine sugar (granulated) to coat

Candied peaches drying

Making the Candied Peaches:

Cook the diced peaches until clear. Dehydrate in machine over night on 135F. Keep in cool container with lid in fine sugar. Garnish top of éclair and freeze before serving. 

Assemblage for "éclair":

  1. Churn ice cream. Wait until formed but not frozen. Place streaks of marmalade on the inside of the piping bag. Add ice cream in the middle to keep ice cream/marmalade ratio even. Use piping star tip to make spirals of ice cream quickly on halved éclair. Freeze immediately. And sorry, your fingers will go numb but it's worth the hand!
  2. Add decor of candied peaches on top of eclair with glucose to set into place. 
  3. Serve immediately and eat quickly like 'fast lightning,' yo! ;)

About The Creator:

Trained in France, Hien Tran is a Professional Pastry Chef and Cookbook Author. When she's not busy working on her second book, she's hosting gourmet dessert club parties, hands-on-classes, and catering through her company Hien's Kitchen, in Austin. Looking for more where this came from? You can find more from Hien here: Austin Pastry Chef

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