Dessert Recipe to Die For: Raw Chocolate Bark (and its actually kinda healthy)

Dessert Recipe to Die For: Raw Chocolate Bark (and its actually kinda healthy)

"Healthy" and "dessert" are oxymorons, we know. But, this dessert recipe is much healthier  than many of the other dessert recipes you'll find online. Every little bit counts :)

Grabbing a bite of raw chocolate bark with almonds

Christmas is a time for spending time with your most loved ones and eating chocolate. Lots and lots of chooclate. When January comes around it's easy to feel a little heavier and very sluggish after consuming ones weight in chocolate.
Fortunately I have come up with a simple and delicious raw chocolate bark recipe which is a much healthier alternative to milk chocolate. It has a very smooth dark chocolate top with a moist and slightly crunchy texture underneath thanks to the coconut sugar.

Cake Ingredients
180g Raw Cacao Butter*
50g Raw Organic Cacao Powder*
50g Agave Syrup*
90g Coconut Sugar*
Handful of mixed chopped nuts and fruits
Handful of hazelnuts
Handful of Cacao Nibs
1 Teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 Teaspoon of salt

Bring a pan of water to boil and then turn it down to simmer.
Gently melt all the Cacao Butter in the heat proof bowl (I just used a plastic measuring cup) until the last of the solids have just disappeared. Ensure the cacao doesn't go over 45 degrees celsius.
Add the coconut sugar and keep stirring with the cacao butter.
Add the Vanilla Powder and stir into the melted cacao butter and sugar.
Add in the Cacao Powder and mix until is smooth.
Add in all the Agave syrup and the salt and mix until completely blended.
Line a tray with baking paper, ensure to use plenty to cover the sides. Pour the chocolate into the tray and let it spread. While still melted, sprinkle with the mixed nuts and fruits and cacao nibs. I split it into three sections one with just cacao nibs, one with hazelnuts and one with the chopped nuts and fruits.

Raw chocolate bark on a platter

So there you have it - A delicious chocolate treat which is actually good for you! I made this chocolate using Indigo Herbsingredients as I find them of the highest quality. If you love chocolate you might also want to give my Raw Chocolate Torte a go.

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