Full Camo Apron | True Timber Upland Bird

Bacon-wrapped duck breasts sizzle on the grill. A cool breeze carries the mesmerizing smell of grilled game across the lawn. Your guests are having a great time, but anyone with a keen nose knows...It's about to get a lot better.

When you cook wild game, you share something special with friends. Sure, beef from the market is good. But, it doesn't quite compare. You earned this feast with your time, planning, focus, and skill. It's hard to put a price on that. 

We take similar pride in our aprons. We made this one just for you, with the strength and durability you expect from anything in your hunting closet. We can't help that it also makes you look really good while you run the grill.


  • • Weighted hem on bid and at the bottom for added strength and form

    • Adjustable antibacterial neck strap for fit and durability

    • Reinforced chest pocket for scissors, pen, or thermometer

    • 3-panel waist pocket for whatever else you need handy

    • Weighted hem on bid and at the bottom for added strength and form

    • Double stitching that withstands the worst snags

    • Full Apron with side cord ties

    • 36" long x 29" wide

    • Waist Sash 44"

    • Machine washable. Nobody has time for dry cleaning an apron.

    • 100% cotton for feel & durability

    • Made in the US

    • Partnering with True Timber® Fabric.

    • Migrating fowl have been known to land within 30 feet of this apron.