Women's Alice Seersucker Apron

When you wear the Alice, all biscuits come out better. Fresh from the oven, hot and oh-so-ready for a slab of grass-fed butter and a smear of jam. While standard aprons yield standard biscuits, Alice ups the ante.* Her biscuits come out puffed and golden and gorgeous.

Oh wait, it's actually you who's the gorgeous one in your seersucker apron, with a ruffle along the hem for good measure. A day in the kitchen, and there’s not a hint of flour on your clothes below. And Alice? She’s always happy for a quick spin in the washer, and she’ll come out ready to go for your next batch of goodness.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (see details)
  • Full sweetheart bib apron
  • 3-button chest detail
  • 2 front hip pockets
  • Soft bottom ruffle
  • Comfortable neck/waist sash ties
  • Hem hits middle of thigh to top of knee. 
  • Machine Washable
  • seersucker and 65% cotton / 35% polyester
  • Ethically made in the US
  • 29" long x 23" wide
  • Neck Sash 35"
  • Waist Sash 50"
  • Compliments on food follow this apron wherever it cooks.


*Alice’s biscuits are easy-peasy. We promise! Measure in 2 cups of Martha White self-rising flour, cut in 1 stick of cold butter, and pour in 1 cup ice-cold buttermilk. So far, so easy, right? Give it a stir with your spatula just until it comes together. (It’ll be wet and sticky, but not to worry, Martha’ll be back to help you out. Even better, email this real-live Martha to walk you through your baking worries if you get stuck!)


But back to biscuits: Sprinkle a nice coating of flour on the counter and pat out your dough to a fat inch or two. Give it a quick cut with a biscuit cutter. No cutter? Then a glass. Or use your knife and cut into squares or triangles or, hell, hearts if you like. Nestle into a cast iron skillet and brush with some melty butter, and then bake in a super hot oven until golden. Eat post-haste!


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