Silicone Trivets - Essentials

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  • Non-slip kitchen trivet holds scalding pans or scorching curling irons in their place
  • 8" heat-resistant silicone trivet
  • Kitchen hot pad is heat resistant up to 600°F/316°C, stays as cool as a spring day in The Hamptons
  • Dishwasher safe so you can keep sparkling
  • One piece, solid construction
  • Doubles as a jar opener, pot holder, and more
  • You know that movie Unbreakable? Yep, inspired by this trivet
  • Like magic, but way more intriguing

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ready Your Trivets.

There's a whole lot of hot stuff about to come off the burner. Pots, pans, and pyrex, all ready to scorch whatever is underneath it - except for your trusty lineup of hot pads.

Whether you're a golden gal, a rose pedal, or a silver fox, there's a stylish trivet here to match. 

    Silver Sequin
    Gold Sequin
    Black Sequin
    Rose Sequin
    White Sequin

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