How To Save Money and Time, Using Me For Crafting: I'm A Trivet.

How I Use Silicone Trivets to Get Better Results, While Saving Time and Money

Using silicone trivet for hot glue gun and painting

We all want to spend more time crafting, and less time cleaning up.

We all hate wasting materials. We love saving money so we can buy more.

I found a way to keep my glue, paint, and epoxy projects less messy, while getting better results. It's also allowed me to reduce cleanup time and reduce waste. I have saved a ton of money and time. And my glue and paint projects look better, too. 

I use silicone trivets. Here's what I use them for:

Hot Glue Gun Stand You Can Re-Use

Have you ever panicked, scanning the room for a safe place to set your hot glue gun? You search in a hurry, as molten glue pours out the nozzle and drizzles onto things it shouldn’t be on. Your knee...the carpet…the coffee table. I know I have. I've made "accidental wood burning art" in a few tables, even - oops.
Now, whenever I work with the hot glue gun, I place it on a silicone trivet. 


  • Hot glue is hazardous, but it’s no match for silicone.

  • Neither the melted hot glue sticks, nor the scalding nose of the glue-gun is enough to damage it.

  • Hot glue doesn't stick to it. You can peel it right off.
Even if your glue gun falls over on it, you won't hurt it. This makes it a great tool, giving you a place to lay your craft pieces while gluing. It also helps protect your table from getting burn marks if it falls over. 
For safety’s sake, for your sake, for your table's sake...get some silicon trivets to use while you do glue gun crafts.



Paint Pallete or Paintbrush Rest That Doesn't Collect Paint


Do you know what surfaces paint won't stick on? Your table isn't one. Silicone is.

Ever tried painting over silicone caulk in the house? Doesn't work, does it? Well, you'll probably never find a paint that can stick to these trivets, either.

Silicone is paint-proof:

  • You can pour your paint all over it.

  • You can use different colors on it, like a paint pallete.

  • You can mix small swatches of colors on it.

It's hassle-free, and it's easy wash it when you're done. I've never found a painting pallete so easy to use and clean as my silicone trivet, so I swear by these. I've had to throw away a lot of others over the years - money down the drain.

But, not anymore! Use, rinse, repeat. If the paint dries, no problem - I can peel it right off!

Craft Glue Protection and Epoxy Mixing Surface


Let's talk glue. There are so many kinds of glue. No matter what kind I'm using, though, I have the same issues:

  • Where do I place my pieces when I'm gluing them together?

  • Where do I rest them while they dry and cure?

  • What if the glue drips, and then they're glued to that surface? Agh!
I used to scavenge for things I didn't mind throwing away, so I could use them under whatever I was gluing. I've gone through tons of paper plates, magazines, and junk mail.
But, these are messy solutions, and they absorb the glue. Sometimes dripping glue seeps through. They almost always get stuck to my craft project. 
Now, I use my silicone trivets. Like I mentioned, nothing sticks to them - glue included. I can place them under whatever I'm working on, glue them, and let them cure. I don't have to worry about having to separate them from the trivet later.  
If you ever mix epoxy, you haveprobably looked for a better mixing surface, too. It has to be non-porous and smooth to get a good mix, and to avoid a mess. Silicone trivets are perfect for this.
I wish I'd found them sooner. My epoxy projects would have been so much cleaner! And, I would have avoided re-doing a few things (hello, material waste).
I use one for mixing, and one as a curing tray. If it's a bigger project, I may have four or five out at a time. They storeeasily, so it's not a hassle having that many on hand. 
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you try these out. Your workspace and your finished projects will thank you!

Silicone Trivet Details

  • Non-slip! It holds scalding pans or scorching curling irons in their place.

  • Heat-resistant up to 600°F/316°C

  • Stays as cool as a spring day in The Hamptons

  • Dishwasher safe so you can keep it sparkling.

  • Stores easily, even when you have five of them

  • One piece, solid construction

  • Also protects kitchen counters from hot pots, pans, and trays

  • Doubles as a jar opener, pot holder, and more

  • Use it in the bathroom underneath your curling iron or straightener

  • Paint your nails on it
  • You know that movie Unbreakable? Yep, inspired by this trivet.

  • Like magic, but way more intriguing

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not happy in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money.