Silicone Trivets in Bold Sequin

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  • 8" dishwasher-safe silicone kitchen trivet with embedded sequins
  • Solid construction, one piece
  • Heat resistant up to 600°F/316°C
  • Non-slip surface. This hot pad holds your pots in place, no sliding around.
  • Unbreakable, unlike glass or ceramic trivets
  • Doubles as a flying disk. Glides easily toward unruly guests. "Think fast!"
  • Actually doubles as a jar opener, pot holder, in-law swatter (we kid)

Are your trivets ready for action?

    The red wine reduction is about to be over-reduced. The angel-hair pasta will be ready any second. The butterflied shrimp have curled, and the blanched and braised brussel sprouts need to come out of the oven. 

    Without hot pads for each of these hot pans, you might be sweating like a jar of lemonade in the summer, but you're cool as a cucumber. Your silicone trivets allow you to move these pots and pans around like a pro, and give you a place to put each one. 

    You cut the burners. You grab the angel hair using the silicone trivets as pot holders and strain it, adding pepper, oil, and garlic before putting it back in the pot and setting it on another trivet. Onto the shrimp, grabbing them gently and placing them on a warm plate over a trivet.
    The sprouts! You grab the oven tray with your trivets and place it on a sparkling hot pad.

    Easy as Pie. Mmm, pie. That reminds you, it's time to put your famous apple pie in the oven.

      Blue Sequin
      Fuchsia Sequin
      Mint Sequin
      Purple Sequin
      Red Sequin

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews

      Love these colorful trivets ... usable and pretty enough to leave on display!

      Great product.

      Good quality and cool design. The pad works wonders as a hot pad or to pick up hot items. Anytime I pull something out of the oven it goes on the trivet and it's worry free.

      I love them

      I love them! Pretty and practical and different.


      I bought one of these for my wife because it matches our kitchen colors. It works great, it stores easily because it's so low profile, and my wife loves the sequins - she's never seen anything like it. 10/10!