Women's Fran Seersucker Apron

Black and White Seersucker
Tan and White Seersucker
Red and White Seersucker

Did you put your money on this year's Derby winner? You would’ve if you’d been wearing Fran. And drinking a mint julep. And wearing your favorite silk crepe dress, a blue pale as the lightest hydragena, the style slimming and classic.

There are workhorse aprons and then there are thoroughbreds. Triple Crowns and fascinaters. Even if that snow cone of ice in your silver tumbler tumbled down, a spill of bourbon splashing along the way, your perfect derby dress would stay perfect. Fran’s always willing to take on for the team. No worries—you can run her through the ringer (well, the gentle cycle) and she’ll come out charming as ever.

  • • Flirty Sailor Girl half apron

    • 4-buttons on flat panel detail

    • Two ruffles

    • Waist ties

    • Hem hits at middle of thigh

    • Machine washable

    • High quality seersucker

    • Ethically made in the US

    • 16" long x 20" wide

    • Waist Sash 50"

    • Always ready to win