Silicone Trivets - Essential Stripes

Striped Black
Striped Burgundy
Striped Orange
Striped Navy Blue
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Striped Yellow
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  • 8" heat-resistant silicone trivet with junior cord fabric enclosed
  • Kitchen hot pad heat resistant up to 600°F/316°C
  • Non-slip surface holds hot pots, or hair straighteners/curlers in their place 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • One piece, solid construction
  • Just try breaking this trivet. Please, we dare you.
  • Doubles as a jar opener, pot holder, and more
  • Entertain yourself by placing scalding hot pans on something that looks like it could melt in a second, but doesn't even get hot.

Kitchen Trivets - Check. Amazing Meal - Almost.

The spaghetti sauce is boiling. The pot of pasta is starting to froth and will overflow any second. The zucchini is ready, and the garlic bread needs to come out of the oven. 

Good thing you have places to put all of these scorching things, with a hot pad for each one. Without your silicone trivets, you might be in real trouble - like Pam down the street who put a nice round burn mark on her brand new butcher block counter top. 

Not only does your kitchen have a hot pad for each pan - each one doubles as a pot holder. 

You turn down the boiling pasta. You grab the spaghetti sauce with trivets over the handles and place it on another. Onto the garlic bread, grabbing it out of the oven and dodging the scalding oven tray and placing it on a waiting hot pad. You drain the spaghetti and pour it back into the pot with some olive oil and pepper. Can't let that sit on a hot burner, so onto a trivet it goes.

Piece of cake. Mmm, cake. Time to get dessert in the oven.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Goldberg
Trivet solutions

I like it very much but have a question on proper use. I place my hot stainless kettle on it after use on the smooth side not the ridged side is that correct. Because the smooth side tends to stick to the bottom & I basically peel it off which is fine there is no damage it peels off easily . Just not sure.

Robert Anderson
Great Product - wish they would make placemats

Great product. I wish that they would make matching placemats.