Silicone Trivet - Mediterranean Stripes

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  • Non-slip silicone trivet holds scalding pans or scorching curling irons in their place
  • 8" heat-resistant silicone fabric trivet
  • This kitchen hot pad is heat resistant up to 600°F/316°C, stays cool as the Mediterranean sea.
  • Dishwasher safe trivet, so you can keep sparkling
  • One piece, solid construction
  • Couldn't break this if you tried, unlike glass trivets, or ceramic
  • Stain-proof unlike hot pads made from cloth, yarn, or rope.
  • Can double as jar openers, pot holders, and more
  • Let your guests think it's plastic, watch them shriek when you go to place a cast-iron pot on it. Smile. Field questions about how neat it is.

Trivet Time is Almost Upon You 

Your soufflé is bubbling. The skillet pops with the savory juices of a steak almost finished. The timer for the bacon-wrapped asparagus in the oven dings.

If you didn't have enough kitchen hot pads for all this stuff, this might be when you start to panic. Instead, you grab two silicone trivets and take the soufflé off the stove, placing it on another hot pad. Then you use them to grab the pan out of the oven, enjoying the sizzling glory of perfectly cooked bacon as you place that on another trivet.
You lay down one of the trivets in your hand and place a resting tray on it, using your tongs to place the steaks on it. You cover the steaks, just as the risotto you forgot all about finishes with a ding. Time to take that off the heat, good thing you have a place for it as well.

How many of these hot pads did you use? We count five. Good thing you got six, because your daughter might steal one when she sees them tonight.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mediterranean Stripes Trivet

    I love all the silicone trivets. This is my 7th or 8th trivet. The Mediterranean Stripes trivet is contemporary and classic at the same time. I use it in the kitchen and nothing slips off it.

    Heather Bradley

    Silicone Trivet - Mediterranean Stripes