Flo Vintage Apron

Conductor Gray Blend
Red Wine with White Stripes
Heather Blue Blend

The year is 1954. The New York diner you work in couldn't be closer from hollywood, but your mind wanders there often. It's been a long shift, but somehow you still look fabulous in your conductor gray apron.

You're tidying up when the door opens and closes with a bell, and you turn to see Marlon Brando standing in the entryway. It takes all of you to act normal as you seat him and pour him a cup of joe. He thanks you sincerely, with a smile so warm it makes you melt.

And then you wake up. You realize it's 2018. Marlon Brando isn't around anymore. But, who knows who may walk through that door today? Good thing you can get that vintage apron online, with a hidden pocket for your camera phone...ready to get a picture with him at any moment.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see details)
  • Inspired by the 1950’s Diner
  • Half apron with slimming A-line cut
  • Wide waistband with hidden pocket
  • Long waist ties
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton/polyester for look and feel
  • Ethically made in the US, like everything was back then
  • 18" long x 22" wide
  • Waist Sash 50"
  • Makes you equally charming when warn at home