Bistro Half Apron Sharp

Black with White Stripes
Red Wine with White Stripes
Blue on Gold
Black with Pinstripes

Calling all the fashion-forward movers and shakers at cafe cool. Extra room to maneuver is nice, but you want a little more more flair*. When you get the Bistro Sharp Half Apron you'll be coming around the corners with coolness and in style, no matter what you carry.

You cross the floor, taking inventory of your grinning customers. A napkin lifts off the leg of a patron and flutters in the breeze. You catch it mid-air, noting how ridiculously good you look moving so quickly. Your guests marvel with a tinge of jealousy. Not everyone can work so fashionably fast, after all.

  • • Reinforced 4-pocket panel for the tools of your trade

    • Double stitching holds up to your need for speed

    • Cotton/polyester for look, feel, and durability

    • Machine washable, because nobody has time for dry cleaning an apron

    • Bistro apron with side cord ties

    • Ethically made in the US

    • 16" long x 30" wide

    • Waist Sash 31"

    • Also seen doubling as a cape

    *just one piece, not 37