Bistro Apron Conductor Gray

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On a mission like a Conductor carrying gold across the west, you make people's day one latte at a time. Spinning, striding, stooping and standing tall, you carry yourself accordingly. Your apron matches your mode - on point. 

With everything you need to look the part and play it well, this apron will stand up to a season of splashes and sudden rushes with ease. Wipe it, wash it, wear it again, knowing you look like you own the place.  

  • • Double stitching for server books full of cash

    • Reinforced 4-pocket panel for the tools of your trade

    • Weighted hem for added strength and form

    • Bistro apron with side cord ties

    • Machine washable

    • 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester blend for strength, style, and durability

    • Ethically Made in the US

    • 26" long x 29" wide

    • Waist Sash 31"