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Manhattan Sequin Apron

You've blanched, braised, and baked your way through an afternoon prepping for a party, and your guests will come soon. Time to put on the finishing touches and get ready.

But what if you get ready, and then you need to stir the sauce, check the bisque, or spread a glaze later? The manhattan sequin apron was made to keep you fabulously functional for such times. Put on your gown, be-jewel yourself with this apron, and relax.

It's going to be a glamorous evening. You look like a million bucks and no sauce splatter or glaze goof is going to change that with this apron.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see details)
  • Sophisticated full apron
  • Two asymmetrical decorative panels at waist
  • Tied with neck and waist ties
  • Hem hits at middle of thigh to top of knee
  • Ethically Made in the US
  • Machine washable
  • Satin/polyester
  • 27" long x 20" wide
  • Neck Sash 35"
  • Waist Sash 50"
Black Sequin on Black
Gold Sequin on Champagne
Silver Sequin on Black